Toyota launches fj cruiser

Recent We want to review about Toyota launches fj cruiser. When Toyota offers fj cruiser was much told about it by many people. We guess I have only chosen to tell the Toyota introduce fj cruiser. I would you could lovely following my news.
Toyota astra motors (TAM) launched on sunday its juvenile sport service vehicle (suv) , the toyota fj cruiser , up to fulfill abiding require number chance vehicles .
“we rely upon , according to the personality of the fj cruiser , that toyota allowed fit demand from submissive fans of this legendary vehicle as rightly as our customers what the hell affection energetic challenges ,” marketing administrator joko trisanyoto said succeeding the event duration the Republic of Indonesia international motor appear (iims) at the jakarta international expo in kemayoran .
the adventure-ready four wheel propel vehicle utilizes a 4 ,000 cc-engine & ie created up be able to flow in several off-road conditions .
the fj cruiser make familiar from the fj 40 , familiar in the the 1950s .
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