Margahayuland 42 Years to Creations

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Counteragency task in the Indonesia continues to germinate earth. Multiplying dwelling and foreign entrepreneurs anyone pursue in the the opportunity. Of advancement, the prognostication of so promising a magnet of investors to lay out. Together the unprofitable players in the the opportunity of quality in the this country, there is the designation Margahayuland. Developers reliable, on the side of a wealth of experience, which deserves to be the strength reference quality task in the Indonesia . Here public present a near review almost Margahayuland. Wish valuable to increase our comprehension of the real rank task ie rotate Margahayuland.

Know The Margahayuland

Margahayuland ie a company engaged in the the real rank task that seeks to relieve race determine emergency a place habitable dwellingplace and eminent investment costs. Fellowship founded on February 11, 1971 with Mrs. Hj. Djoeliah Purwita (late), Mr. H. Ma’sum Sudrad (late) as properly as Drs. H. Jajat Prianta Purwita MBA at the source engaged in the the task of solidity services and usual trading ie a subsidiary of PT. Margahayu Monarchy . Margahayuland Group is formed in the 1979 and notable the company’s shift of task convergence into developer quality developers. From 2007, Margahayuland dilate its task with edifice high-rise buildings in the Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.

Company that never 42 years of exercise this to raise variegated types of housing, apartments and hotels in the variegated cities in the Java and Bali. In The fact, Margahayuland never established more than 40,000 residential units tingggal place in the variegated areas in the the city of Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Bogor and Cirebon.

Margahayuland The Vision and Mission

Margahayuland lunge ie planned and can be seen in the their task platform. Margahayuland phantom to be realized that a national quality company ie a famous and trusted that convergence on profitable task maturity through concept, failure, innovative technology on the side of force on added appraise and satisfaction of the stakeholders. The few anyone championed the legation to exhibit a profitable Study Portfolio through Strategic Study Units (SBUs) with applying concepts, failure, and innovative technology. Second, to rule the task in the a unprofitable mien, which ie based on the energy of the Form , Systems, and Ethnical Contrivance . And the hindmost legation ie to ameliorate the thrift of stakeholders that leads to have additional motivation, commitment, and surpassing customer service .

Margahayuland competition to adorn a famous developer can be seen on the company’s motto You Swell , You Shape and You Hesitation . You Swell mean a desire to germinate into a famous company on the side of complete assets and profit-increasing ( Study, Project, Asset, Profit ). You Shape mean the desire companies anyone deficiency to raise a excellent designation, unprofitable workers as properly as network and extensive task groups ( Stigmatize , Race , Network, Communities ). Time Next , You Hesitation , which mean the company’s affair of what ie completed so far and affair of customer satisfaction that determine allow developed assurance to Margahayuland ( Customer Oriented, Customer Maintenance , Trustworthy, Intimacy ).

Evidence of Trait Distribute Margahayuland

As a developer anyone never skilled over 42 years, Margahayuland coarse perform deserves recognition of a company that prides deed. Not only dwelling, foreign parties too afford a happy indisputable appreciation of the achievements Margahayuland. As never received several awards Margahayuland companies include:

  1. satisfying Housing Fulfilment Accomplishment of the First Assure of Bank BTN.

  2. satisfying European Gold Star of Trait of CIEMIP, Spain.
  3. satisfying The Gold Cup of “Leading Enterprises” of CIEMIP, Spain.
  4. satisfying Faithful Housing Fulfilment Fellowship in the London of PT. Honored board.
  5. satisfying Plain Sound House Soundness Pioneer from the Ministry of Augmentation and Regional Infrastructure of the Republic of Indonesia .
  6. satisfying Housing Fulfilment Produce Diploma of Ministry of Augmentation and Regional Infrastructure of the Republic of Indonesia .

Suppose you deficiency to experiment to declare task quality Cipto Junaedy or Cipto Junaedy

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