Copper & Brass Craft Industry

Crafts Copper AA Gallery is a manufacturer of copper & brass that make built in 1990, so current 24 years has worked to enhance the hallmark of Beloved Country which has a culture & boastful deceit. AA Gallery has two workshops are in hermit Tegalrejo RT.02 Rw.09 Cepogo Boyolali, Central Java & withal in Tumang Sari RT.01 Rw.14 Cepogo Boyolali, Central Java, & has showrooms in Tumang kupo Cepogo Boyolali 57 362 Central Java. If you are active appease you been to a workshop or showroom AA Gallery. Workshop & Showroom AA Gallery is quite frivolous to to .

You be purchase a ample range of handicraft products of copper / brass ( Copper and Brass Handicraft Industry ) characteristic in AA Gallery in our showroom. You be withal book crafts copper / brass based to your elegancy (according to your design). Perform not torment, AA Gallery still accepting reservations Craft brass & copper ( kerajinan tembaga ) Craft both in small & bulky parties as per your requirement.

AA Product Gallery has a senior characteristic. Total AA Gallery is a senior customer maintenance & suit a selfexaltation & maintenance. Lofty characteristic is the all AA Gallery perceive.

AA Gallery total more than 24 years has resulted in a multiplicity of crafts including: Calligraphy Craft, Craft Bathtube, Logo Craft, Craft Verse, Crafts Table Lamp, Craft Lamp Stick , Hanging Lamp, Deliverance , Sculpture, Roof of the mosque, Crafts Cup & long more.

For 24 years the AA Gallery has worked. AA Gallery celebrated works in Beloved Country & withal has been enjoyed in the name of deceit lovers from dispersed. Orders Craft from dispersed is argument that the characteristic of the Craft AA Gallery has been recognized in the name of the international socialism. If you entrust to the AA Gallery in act crafts copper / brass ( kerajinan tembaga ) time next you are actual once in deciding the choice total AA Gallery is an expert everyone has more than 20 years of accomplish.

Copper Craft Heart & AA Brass Craft Gallery

Copper & Brass Craft Craft ( kerajinan tembaga ) AA Gallery is celebrated in Beloved Country & even AA Gallery withal had orders from dispersed. It is no prodigy, AA Gallery which has been running the business in the room of copper & brass handicrafts ( kerajinan tembaga dan kuningan) from 1990 (over 24 years) to resign AA Gallery gained a accident of recklessness from the sundry parties. The refutation is characterized in the name of growing flood of copper & brass orders from domination agencies & the personal sector withal from sundry regions in Beloved Country . Current aged AA Gallery has 24 years, many crafts copper / brass that has been generated AA Gallery ( Copper and Brass Handicraft Industry ). AA Gallery withal has two (2) places the workshop in Tumang Tegalrejo RT.02 Rw.09 Cepogo Boyolali, Central Java & Tumang Sari RT.01 Rw.14 Cepogo Boyolali, Central Java. AA Gallery withal has a showroom in Tumang kupo Cepogo, Boyolali, Central Java. Products or handicrafts brass / copper ( kerajinan tembaga ) AA Gallery you be behold in the menu handicraft products of copper / brass.

Copper Craft is a Craft that is made of copper. Craft of copper be be a relief Craft, Craft table, Craft calligraphy, Craft vase, chandelier Craft, Craft sculpture & others.

Crafts brass handicrafts is made from brass. Crafts be be a trophy Craft, Craft adipura, assistance Craft, calligraphy Craft, dexterity chandelier, bathtubs Craft, Craft logos & long more that be be adapted to the tastes of consumers. AA Gallery promote a multiplicity of crafts with copper, brass & aluminum.

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