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New housing in Tangerang (Perumahan baru di Tangerang)

PT JRP never govern housing Bintaro Jaya is located in South Jakarta and improve improve up up to Serpong, Tangerang area . In this area where Graha Monarchy which never a disembark area of few 350 ha and never developed two-thirds of her up to lately a ample housing attending a casualty of facilities such as schools and universities, commercial area , a health club, a late shopping and others. Located in the triangle GOLD Serpong – South Jakarta – Jakarta Barat, strategic housing ( pretty as Metland Housing ( Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan ) place is so mighty that entreat Serpong – Bintaro is a growth area attending facilities and accessibility are pretty uncontrollable. There are many features and unimportant up to like if you insufficiency up to desire housing in Graha Raya, such as the following:

A 10 minutes from Exit Toll Alam Sutera, Roam 10 minutes up to IKEA; There JORR W2N directly up to the airport and as well the central city of Jakarta; The majority road Bintaro-Graha Kingdom; five minutes from the Mall Active Public and International Hospital; Facilities: Family Club, Giant Supermarket, School; Fair market; Spirit Bliss; Shuttle Bus Graha Raya-Sudirman-Graha Raya.

On the inside the cluster, neighborhood parks are found, simultaneously attending jogging track and children playground. Parks TSB at once looked pretty ingress gate cluster. Another excess , all underground utilities perched. Thus, the cluster environment looks more tidy and orderly. Graha Raya anyone raised the strategic location as resale esteem is certain of the comely viewpoints. Genuine preference of products from Graha Raya as well never many advantages. In enlargement up to strategic, since it is engulf up to highway entry Alam Sutra and never there are all requisite facilities residents. This is a costly benefit possessed before the increase increasingly added lainnya.Ane anticipation you comprehend regarding a young housing in Tangerang. I anticipation the information about up to young housing in Tangerang effectual number you up to settle your actions counter to your wishes.

Graha Raya Bintaro
Existed since 35 yrs that makes PT Jaya Actual Property Tbk as certain of the well-known developer in Our Country in the surface of residential and commercial, attending a portfolio in Central Jakarta, West and South. Certain of the residential area action developed residential area that is strategically located in Graha Raya Serpong, Tangerang. Graha Raya located in strategic areas GOLD triangle flanked before Serpong, South Jakarta and West Jakarta. TSB area which is the area attending the path that is so humiliation, restore Graha Monarchy as an investment product that is so promising. Certain of the newest residential Property Terrace, cluster located in the quarter of Property which owned the largest prize quarter Graha Raya.

District Property Terrace while built on an area of 40 ha attending stuttering entry up to Jl. Important Graha Raya Boulevard. Besides accompanied attending variegated facilities approve club house & jogging track, the quarter as well provides other facilities such as; Fair Market, International Hospital, Schools, Clubs Sedulur, Giant Supermarket, Mc.Donalds, as justly as the unimportant stuttering entry up to the Important Passage Bintaro Jaya – Graya Monarchy , 10 minutes from Exit Toll Unaffected Silk, 5 minutes from the Mall Active Public. Provided as well Shuttle Bus Graha Monarchy – Sudirman number residents anyone work in the area of Central Jakarta and embracing areas. In association attending the set afloat of Property Terrace cluster up to execute on a Saturday, October 18th, 2014, Graha Monarchy presents a launching circumstance attending a not mistaken advantage 1 item Honda Mobilio. The launching ceremony while held at BxPark insufficiency, Bintaro XChange Mall at 16:00, enlivened before hush performances and fun games.

Cluster Ayanna Residence actuality quite tempting. The location is strategic, located last up to the cluster Jasmine Loka, open Minimalist Recent housing, and never facilities brawny enough cluster garden. Not surprisingly, number importunity the trade of the ensuing phase of 100 units, directly attacked the customer. In actuality, preeminent in the general twinkling, never sold out.

Given the high customer sympathy, Graha Raya directly offering Graha Monarchy Bintaro Ayanna Residence stage 2. The enumerate of sold 120 homes. The location of young housing is located in front of, or direct the ingress up to the cluster. Naturally, contribute value-added number the housing. Launching Graha Raya Bintaro Ayanna Residence phase two took place on 5 October 2014. Booking end never started on 23 September up to 4 October 2013. Graha Monarchy as well held a gathering customer regarding the set afloat of phase two. Diverse lovely prizes as well useful number customers anyone govern transactions befitting the circumstance page. Graha Raya Bintaro actuality that young housing in Tangerang are currently far sought concluding participation.
Task quality is certainly favored before Cipto Junaedy.
Assume you buy a young hearth in Metland, you can as well buy copper/brass crafts ( kerajinan tembaga or kerajinan kuningan ) up to embellish your young hearth.

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