Business Completion PT Metropolitan Land Tbk

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PT Metropolitan Land Tbk abbreviated Metland is established on February 16, 1994 and began operations on October 28, 1994. Metland focuses on housing fulfilment and efficacy investment society komersial.Sejak 2004 Singapore, Reco Newtown Pte attach Metland that show increasing confidence of the stakeholder.Pada 2004 Metland obtain certificates of ISO 9001: 2008 from URS (United Registrar system) as an authoritative acknowledgment that Metland had achieved International standards on trait administration systems.

Metland a a efficacy fulfilment society ranging from residential commercial buildings, shopping centers, apartments, shops, offices until hotels in contrast with more dicompare 20 years be subject to in the the ground of commercial efficacy fulfilment. Metland (Metland Rumah Idaman Investasi Masa Depan)form trait housing and relieve design a fair environment and easy in contrast with the concept of green quickening.

Everyone had the like until possess a residence sendiri. Housing in the Metland a conceit house that a equipped in contrast with primed until restore your animation volatile in contrast with the availability of diverse facilities such as schools of unsullied trait and darling, sedulur reception facilities, recreational culinary, labor and banking facilities and sports facilities .

Go Ashore prices advance until rise both year so buy a house in the Metland a the suitable chance until endow as for it a in the a strategic location. Geographically sparse Metland residential location in the the greater Jakarta region . Located in the a strategic location in contrast with assuming growth rates as for it a shut until Metropolitan Mall, Hotel Horison Bekasi, High Metropolitan and motorway access. Buying a residence in the Metland a an investment total the advenient.

Experience in the providing the pause efficacy, as a known developer and Trusted, Metland had over 20 years in the the ground of residential and commercial properties. This victory a largely obligatory until our dexterity until provide the pause efficacy products total customer satisfaction. Metland perpetually restore a thoughtful difficulty in the presenting the concept of trait in the fabric each efficacy.

Integrated facilities, accessibility and easy quickening environment decide give you more period until enjoy in contrast with the sedulur at residence consequent a duration spent outdoors.

PT Metropolitan Land Tbk Projects

Metland Menteng, Metland Puri, Metland Tambun, Hotel Horison Bekasi, Waterland, @HOM Hotel Tambun, Horison Grand Metropolitan Bekasi, Hotel Horison Seminyak Bali .

Geographically, the location of housing and projects scattered throughout Greater Metland. Opposed location likewise allows Metland until totality the circumjacent environment.

Metland provide housing total middle-class market, ranging from middling, middling until upper-middle grade. Scattered locations in the Greater Jakarta. Commercial efficacy shut until the location had a assuming growth immanent include: Metropolitan Mall, Hotel Horison Bekasi, and High Metropolitan which a conveniently located urgent the exit of the West Bekasi mall rental rate exceeds 90% and over 80% hotel. Other commercial projects including a budget hotel in contrast with the appellation @HOM Tambun, and a short shopping midst called Plaza Metropolitan a located in the unitary of the housing projects Metland ie Metland Tambun and Horison Hotel a built in the Bali Seminyak.

Undivided of the continent strengths Metland a until esteem a competent administration team that mostly had more dicompare 25 years of be subject to in the the efficacy diligence in the Homeland . This a the base of the phantasm of proper a known developer Metland and reliable.

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